22 / Male / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
I'm rarely online, so if you want, you can add me on skype: TheKingAleks
Or on facebook: Aleks Ibrahim Keskin
Thank you :3

Hello I'm Aleks and my english is pretty bad, so sorry for that :3
I'm from Austria (not kangaroos - Mozart) and yeah. I'm 16 aaaand I like rap and rap metal.
My favourite rappers are Bushido and Kollegah (both german)
My favourite bands:
System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine. I like flowers and drugs, but I'm not a hippie :3. I like horror movies aaand pain ._.
Text me x3
Please q.q
Nobody's answering q.q
I'll blow you ._.
Kik: Aleks.mag.salz
Feel free to add me and stuff x3

Bye :3

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Pleaaase add me on skype ._. :TheKingAleks

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StephsDarkSide asked

do you like cookies??
Sure I like cookies :3