24 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Is totally in love with ZachyMange
In that creepy box in your basement/attic. – US
Welcome to my page and "Stalkers" list.--->I do check that fancy list often

Well....I'm kinda shy, but once you talk to me a bit, I'll get more comfortable with you. c: message me?? c: RP anyone *raises hand for high five*

Here's another thing, Kids, I can Tell If you have a fake picture, I've creeped the internet for Scene Kings and Queens since I was like 12, so, If you're fake I'm DEFINITELY going to call you on it. No, I won't be mean about it, but I will be upfront.

I Smoke

I don't drink

I'm kind, But Honest

Ummm...That's all....You have a good day, Folks :D

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Mitch Lucker had social anxieties too....So don't make fun of me when I act differently on stage than I do in person.

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ZachyMange asked

why are you so pretty ?
Urrrmmmm I didn't know I was, but I guess because Photoshop, Splat hair dye, and eyeliner?

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this woman right here .. is mine ... don't touch ;)