15 / Female / Lesbian / In a Relationship
Cyn | She/Her | Trash Panda

Last found lurking in the townsfolk's garbage in desperate search of a girlfriend, but to no avail. Alas, nobody's standards are low enough to love the smol Trash Panda

~ MCR || BMTH || PTV || FOB || OMAM || NYD || P!ATD || TWY || SWS || SWCF || ETC. ~

* Poi Spinning
* Drawing
* Piano Playing
* Listening to Music
* Binge Watching Netflix
* Having No Chill while watching Netflix
* Being an absolute trashcan
* Being meme trash

Please feel free to talk to me; I'd love to meet you!! ^w^

Note: Please don't speak to me solely to flirt lmao it ain't cute

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fffff i forgot i joined this im