17 / Female / Demisexual
Alabama – US

▒ Hair Dye!!!




•° Atm Obsession °• : None, as of right now.

Im difficult to explain for.
I like alot of Different music. I could probably have at least five songs I like from every genre.
I like anime. And lots of specific tellivision shows. Ill Add more here when think of more.

"O god another one with a chrush tag"

Anywho, I am actually really god at coding. Meaning im good with html/css. Ive made codes for tumblr but mostly i make codes for my pofiles on a site called

Currently am on hiatus from the site though, drama piles up way f***ing high there.
I dont really know what lse to sa,m sure ill figure something out.

Shoutout to these people for bein okay in my book.
That is all for now

Sidenote: sometimes I don't eat.

Also i want you people to be completly aware, that on mobile i type like s*** and i will mostly be using this site on mobile. Congrats of any of you see me on my laptop because my grammar is on point.

Im jokester, and frankly, i can be annoying as f***. Im goimg to tempt not to get online during any of my sad episodes or very Bad days. just for the considersation of making sure other people dont have to deal with me .

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Omg good morning