24 / Female / Bisexual / In Like
Taco Bell (; – US
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So basically, Im here because someone told me there was a fake of me? Ermm. okay. uh. But, im 100% real, and if your a basic bitch, thats a fake. Dont add me.. it bugs me, alot. But now, to about me.
I've self harmed, and stuff for almost 3 years. Im currently 2 months clean, and proud c: IM HERE FOR ANYONE THAT NEEDS ANYTHING. I've probably been through it.
My names Adelynn Arya Brosken. I dont have a facebook, tumblr, twitter, because some stuff in the past happened. People always tell me im the definiton of a " white tumblr city girl " im not even sure what that means. I have 2 sisters, both younger(14, 15) And an older brother (23).. Ima give you guys a list of a few of my favorite things.
~ Starbucks<3
~ Lyrics
~ Snow
~ Hair c:
~ Lip biting >>
~ Getting lost in books
~ Frost on a field
~ Starry nights
~ Cold, but sunny outside.
~ Girls, Guys
~ Sisters are my life, literally c:
~ My kitten c: * Zoella *
~ Puppy! * Bella *
Im bisexual, please shut up. K. Thank you.

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Guys gay besties are nice c:

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its not really but thanks c:


You can always dye your hair the same or similar color, and it's taken a few years trial and error and then a couple years of doing it the same everyday. I have a specific way I do my eyeliner though


Thanks for the add beautiful <3