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Yesterday was such a trip

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Corpse.Grinder asked

Brice thoughts on the Rona virus
Up in my county, there are only 4 confirmed cases and no deaths, but I expect it to make it here eventually, and all I really hope for is that living in the middle of the woods pays off in that my father doesn't contract it, as his heart condition puts him at pretty severe risk.

I'm worried about the limited internet access I have coupling with a newly online only college system, but I expect to be able to make it work. I'm mostly lucky that I get to claim 15 work study hours a week without acually being there, otherwise I'd be m u c h more worried about feeding myself and my parents; but I have as postive an outlook as I can uphold myself to.

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hello love :) im back for a bit


Hi hi my precious, I have returned fully :)


Thank you!! I hope u are too!!


HERES MINE Stormie_q


I miss you :( <3


shhhhh ;)


Thanks so much my dude, but don't worry Ik im an egg


no but i would like to. i just don't know how to find out


msg me boo


aww... im sorrrry. I loove youuuu !