25 / Male / Straight / Forever Alone
Houston, Texas – US
Day Dreamer and Star Gazer.

Shy & Introverted

Child at heart.

Guitar and Piano player

Spiritually inclined i believe all life is sacred and by understanding myself i can better understand others.

Doing the right thing without recognition. Not littering, giving to the poor, trying to never harm life even insects.

Parkour L'art Du Displacement

Rubikcs Cubes, juggling, Fire Poi, Pyrography, Side-walk chalk, Slack Lining, Acro Yoga.

Going on adventures is a huge part of my life, climbing, running, and jumping my way through the world.

Having gone through anxiety both general and social Parkour was my ultimate cure as it taught me how to face, manage, and handle fear and for that i am grateful for my body that of which i used to hate.

Never comfortable in my own skin i felt i was too skinny, too white, too ugly, too weak, too short, and many other things. Everyone seemed better than me in every way. By training the body and mind i put these feelings aside and gained confidence in myself.

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Me and the homies burning in an abandoned silo

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falloutgirl19 asked

don't think we have even spoken yet lol but hey happy birthday
Thank you ^^ Message me sometime

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I actually adore how your bio is like a short story
Tbh it's wonderful and I enjoyed reading it.


What's up??


Heyyy c:


love your bio tbh 👏


Helium. From MexiMart.


They were, tbh.


I should post a status about all the dumb s*** I did as a toddler.


I have a pretty good memory. Like this one time, when I was 3 years old, I hopped into a laundry basket, tied balloons to the basket, and started to drift away. Good thing my mom was there with a knife.


Also, thanks for ignoring my several "hey's."